Skin Tag Removal DermaPen Cryo?

Another member of the Dermapen™ Family is the Dermapen Cryo™, which allows the removal of unsightly skin lesions in a matter of seconds.

The device uses a very precise freezing technique to destroy benign lesions, such as warts, age spots as well as skin tags.

The Dermapen Cryo™ is able to penetrate up to 1 mm per 5 seconds of application making it an extremely versatile treatment with skin tag removal.

The high precision applicator tips allow for a very targeted treatment, ensuring that only the lesion is being treated, and not the healthy tissue around it.

This helps to greatly reduce the risk of post-treatment hypo-pigmentation, and makes the Dermapen Cryo™ safe for all areas of the face and body, even near the eyes

The Dermapen Cryo™ is convenient, safe, and effective, making it the the best-suited cryosurgery device for any aesthetically conscious clinic.

How many treatments will I need?

Most skin lesions only need one treatment.

However some may require additional treatments especially if it is a long term lesion.

What to expect during your treatment

The area will be assessed, you may be asked to provide medical evidence that the lesion is benign.

The treatment will only take a few seconds, you may feel a slight freezing sensation.

What to expect after your treatment.

Immediately after treatment you will feel a warming effect and the area may become slightly red.

This should calm down within a day or so. Within 7 - 10 days the lesion will form a scab and darken considerably.

Please refrain from picking or removing the scab, allowing natural exfoliation.

The skin will appear a little pink underneath but most importantly lesion free within 4 weeks.

What will it cost?

This will depend on the type and number of areas you require.

A detailed price list is available on our Aesthetic treatments page