Treatment Room

Available slots, week commencing 30th May 2022, Tuesday 31st, 5-5:30pm. Week commencing 6th June 2022, Tuesday 7th, 3:45-5pm, Wednesday 8th, 6:15-7pm, Thursday 9th, 3:45-4:30pm, Friday 10th, 4:15-5pm. Week commencing 13th June 2022, Tuesday 14th, 3:45-4:15pm, Wednesday 15th, 3:45-5pm, Thursday 16th, 3:45-4:30pm, Friday 17th, 4:15-5:45pm. Week commencing 20th June 2022, Tuesday 21st, 3:45-4:30pm, Wednesday 22nd, 3:45-6pm, Thursday 23rd, 3:45-5:30pm, Friday 24th, 4:15-5pm. Week commencing 27th June 2022, Wednesday 29th, 3;45-6pm.

Covid Update

All cleaning protocols will continue with 20 minutes between clients. All staff are tested twice weekly and will continue to wear type 2 masks. Thank you all for your support and understanding during these odd times! Having such wonderful clients has really made this all so much easier to navigate and has kept us pushing on to create a SAFE COVID FREE ZONE.


PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A REPLY WITHIN 24 HOURS. This is not a LIVE booking system. We cannot guarantee same day bookings or bookings made less than 24 hours prior to your preferred time and day but will do our utmost to accommodate you. We endeavor to secure your appointment on your preferred day and time; however an alternative may be offered if this is not possible. You will receive suggested date and time shortly via email. Please note your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmed text message to your mobile contact number.