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What do your hands say?

A man’s hands say much more than you think, women find men’s hands very sexy……

Well-kept hands are important, they show how you lead your life and take care of yourself. You use your hands to express yourself maybe to emphasize a point or direct somebody. You communicate with your hands, they are the most used part of your body. That designer suit looks sharper with great hands, they show confidence and class.


  • Keep the nails short

  • Trim weekly

  • Keep them clean

  • Remove any dirt from underneath the nails and around the cuticle area

  • Use a hand cream regularly, paying particular attention to the cuticle area

  • Invest in a good nail kit and nail brush and use them.

You'll be amazed how good your hands feel and look. If you want to really impress her, get a regular professional manicure, women love a man who takes care of his hands, and won’t object when you can’t keep your hands off her.



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