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Want Great Eyes?

This vital strip of hair is to shade and protect the eyes from the sun and stop perspiration running into your eyes from your forehead. Sadly once you hit your forties androgens take over and start producing excess hair much thicker and longer.  

Your eyebrows frame one of your most important assets, your eyes, of which you have two!

So if you are unfortunate to have a uni-brow you need to address it quick.


  • Best just after a shower or bath when the pores are open and the hair can be removed more easily, otherwise a hot flannel over the brows for several minutes.

  • Clean the area thoroughly with surgical spirit. Run both tweezers and small nail scissors under hot water or dip into surgical spirit to sterilize.

  • Start by trimming very carefully any long wiry excess hair above the brow line. Brush the brow with an old toothbrush directly up, carefully follow the shape above the brow from the temple to the bridge of the nose removing with small nail scissors.

  • Be careful not to cut into the brow just the random hairs above the natural brow line.

  • Next remove the bridge or uni-brow, this should be a thumb's width, anything under that thumb needs to go with tweezers.

  • Stretch the skin between two fingers of your free hand, using tweezers, attach to the base of the hair and pull quickly in the same direction as hair growth.

  • Check for symmetry but remember your brows are brothers not twins, and be sure to get any that have migrated further down the nose.

  • Carefully pluck random hairs under the arch of the brow and out toward the temple, always stretching the skin between two fingers from your free hand and in the same direction as hair growth.

  • Don’t over do it! You still want slugs just tidy ones.

  • Plucking of random overgrown or wiry hair sprouting unruly from the brow is a must.

  • Once you have acquired the desired look, apply a little antiseptic cream to the plucked area to soothe and calm.


Regular maintenance  will keep you looking well groomed and tidy, it will also take years off you, a great anti-ageing trick.


A longer term solution is to get them professionally waxed or threaded, the hair will take longer to grow back and become much finer.


         Before                    After


Train your brows by brushing them everyday when you step out of the shower whilst still wet, use an old toothbrush, brush up from the thickest part of the brow and then down from 2/3rd of the brow down to toward the ear.


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