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Teenage Acne

Teenage Acne Is a skin condition called acne vulgaris which is a common type and is considered a normal part of puberty and can show up on the face, neck, shoulders, upper back and chest.

Your skin contains billions of hair follicles called pores. Sebaceous glands (oil glands) are attached to each pore to produce oil called sebum to lubricate your hair and skin and normally produce the correct amount of sebum to keep the skin balanced.

During puberty the changes in hormone production stimulate the sebaceous glands causing too much sebum. Pores become clogged together with too many dead skin cells causes bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes to get trapped inside the pores and multiply.

This causes swelling and redness, known as Acne.

Whitehead: A closed clogged pore and forces bacteria to the surface of the skin.

Blackhead: An open clogged pore that becomes darker to the surface with oxygen interaction.

Pimple: Sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells make their way under the skin into the wall of the pore to cause a small red bump. This can be pus-filled caused by the body's reaction to the bacterial infection.

Nodules: Very much the same as a pimple but much deeper, larger and more painfull, much like a cysts or boil.

Causes of Acne

The overproduction of sebum (oil) and dead skin cells stick together blocking the follicle and cutting off the oxygen thus providing the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and feed from the increased oil production, causing inflammation and irritation.

The main trigger for teenage acne is hormonal changes within your body, with testosterone being the main culprit.

Other triggers are medication which may contain iodine or bromine, cosmetics or hair care that contain comedogenic ingredients.

Environment, such as UV, change in season, climate and pollution.

Repetitive friction or rubbing, industrial oils, such as hydro-carbonated oils.

Diet, dairy, sugar and high glycemic foods.

Inappropriate picking, bad extractions or poor hygiene.

Preventing Acne

By making a few changes to your lifestyle you can rapidly reduce breakouts.

Introduce a good skincare regime, gentle cleansing morning and night, **DON'T** scrub your face, scrubbing can cause increase oil production making the condition worse.

Use protection with a good SPF noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic moisturiser 365 days a year, if there is daylight there are UVA rays, more harmful than UVB rays (tanning)

Try to de-stress, take time out, get a massage, join a gym anything that takes you away from your day to day stressful life.

Check the ingredients in your shower gel and hair products, always rinse well, product left on the skin can clog pores.

Try to keep hair and hair products away from your face, this can clog pores.

Reduce your dairy and sugar intake, both can cause hormonal changes.

If you do have a breakout, leave it alone, constant picking and squeezing can cause further inflammation and scarring.

Regular professional face treatments will not only target the breakout and irritation, it will help you to de-stress.

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