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Great Looking Beards

Long gone are the days when growing a beard meant the only thing you had to do is stop shaving!

Facial hair needs the same attention as the locks on your head with regular cleaning, conditioning, brushing, finishing products and trimming.

Merkur have a great Beard & Mustache Razor, used with oil rather than foam or gel will ensure more defined straight lines.

For the cheeks follow the natural smile line up toward the sideburns, leave an extra inch below the jaw line, follow the natural curve of the jaw line from the chin to ear.

Find your line and gently dig in with the blade, once the line is visible gently shave in the same direction as hair growth to that line.

Use a post shave balm to shaved areas when complete.

Maintain the condition with an oil to keep it soft and looking healthy together with a regular combing.


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