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Blackhead Removal

Blackhead Removal

Blackheads/open pores or technically called comedones, are one of the biggest issues for most men with all skin types, although more problematic for those with oily skin.

This is a result of a blocked pore that has filled or plugged with sebum/oil.

The plug becomes hard and oxidises turning black.

If left the pore will continue to build up, stretching the pore permanently.

Should the pore become infected with dirt and debris this will turn into a spot or whitehead.

Keeping blackheads at bay is essential to healthy clear smooth skin.


A good skincare regime with regular exfoliation and extractions will help to keep this under control, exfoliate once or twice a week to stop the pore from blocking. Consider using a clay based mask once a week, this will absorb any excess oil in the skin.

 Blackhead Removal

  • Apply hot towels prior to extractions to open pores.

  • For a more effective result ensure you are hydrated, plenty of water the day before.

  • Place tissue on both index fingers to form a pad.

  • Gently stretch then plump the skin up around the area with your two index fingers, intending to tackle a few and not just an individual blackhead.

  • Gently wiggle almost pulling the tissue up underneath the area until the plugs pops out.

  • Avoid digging or pushing down into the skin this will damage and cause scar tissue.

  • Once completed, clean the skin with a good antiseptic face wash.

  • Finish with a good moisturiser.

  • Adopt a good skincare regime to keep you skin clear and healthy.


Why not consider a professional treatment with products specifically to remove blackheads.

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