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Adult Acne

Adult Acne

Is becoming more common as our lives become more stressful and busy.  

The main contributory factors of acne are overproduction of dead skin cells, bacteria and increased rate of oil production in the skin.

The overproduction of dead skin cells stick together blocking the follicle and cutting off the oxygen thus providing the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and feed from the increased oil production, causing inflammation and irritation.  

The main trigger for adult acne is hormonal changes within our body, caused by stress, testosterone being the main culprit.  

Other triggers are medication which may contain iodine or bromine, cosmetics or hair care that contain comedogenic ingredients.

Environment, such as UV, change in season, climate and pollution.

Repetitive friction or rubbing, industrial oils, such as hydro-carbonated oils.

Diet, dairy, sugar and high glycemic foods.

Inappropriate picking, bad extractions or poor hygiene.

By making a few changes to your lifestyle you can rapidly reduce breakouts.

  • Introduce a good skincare regime, cleansing, exfoliating and protection with a good SPF moisturiser 365 days a year, if there is daylight there are UVA rays, more harmful than UVB rays (tanning)

  • Try to de-stress, take time out, get a massage, join a gym anything that takes you away from your day to day stressful life.

  • Check the ingredients in your shower gel and hair products, always rinse well, product left on the skin can block the follicle.

  • Reduce your dairy and sugar intake, both can cause hormonal changes.

  • If you do have a breakout, leave it alone, constant picking and squeezing can cause further inflammation and scarring.

  • Regular professional face treatments will not only target the breakout and irritation, it will help you to de-stress.



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